Weston Santa Claus Parade will be November 24

The Weston Santa Claus will be Sunday, November 24th at 2.00 p.m. Our parade is the finest in Toronto, bar none, and always a hoot. This year, the BIA says there will be an “amazing line-up. We have 8 amazing bands and two of them  have performed extensively in Europe and North America.”

The Burlington Teen Tour Band is considered the best marching band in Canada and the Toronto Steel Orchestra consists of 50 of the most talented steel drum players in the world. They have played at Massey Hall on numerous occasions and have been guests on Breakfast Television. They have just returned from a tour of Spain.

The organizers are looking for marshalls and  actors to be volunteers. If you’re interested, you can apply online or email Marion at [email protected]

Scammers defrauding Westonians

A Weston woman—a widow and senior citizen—says she has been scammed out of more than $30,000 by men pretending to be contractors.

The men offered to fix her driveway and a leak in her basement. They began work, excavating around the foundation, and claimed that ever more work needed to be done. They then asked for increasing payments, in cash. After the final payment, they fled, leaving the work very incomplete. The woman now requires a second contractor to come and finish the job.

The contractors and modus operandi fit the description of a fraud being perpetrated across the city.

  • Seniors are solicited by door-to-door salesmen offering to fix the driveway and basement
  • Work is begun and ever-increasing payments are required for work that doesn’t need to be done
  • They ask for cash and will even walk the victims to the ATM

The police are looking for three men,

The first suspect is described as white, five-foot-10, with short dark hair and a medium build. The suspect had a “heavy Scottish accent.”

The second suspect is described as white, five-foot-10, with fair skin, an athletic build and blue eyes. The suspect also had a “heavy Scottish accent.”

The last suspect is also described as white, five-foot-10, in his late thirties, with dark short hair and a muscular build.


Some tips to avoid being scammed:

  • Only hire licensed contractors
  • Do not accept work solicited at your door
  • Get multiple estimates on paper
  • Obtain referrals
  • Do not pay in cash, and never pay upfront


Election post-mortem thoughts.

From: National Post.

Now the election is over, Doug Ford is about to be released back into the broad daylight of Ontario politics. Apparently if he sees his shadow it means another 6 months of cuts.

Ford’s enforced absence during the campaign proved that federal Conservatives are embarrassed by his brainless, dogma-driven actions along with slash and burn service cuts for lower and middle income earners. He and federal leader Andrew Scheer are no doubt blaming each other for the Liberals’ lucky escape. The political long knives are out for both of them. Patrick Brown will be chomping some popcorn from his Brampton mayor’s chair.

The Ford Name also failed to work the charm in nearby Etobicoke North where Rob Ford’s widow Renata was running as a first-time candidate. Despite her less than dynamic presence under the People’s Party banner, her Ford name was enough to give Maxime Bernier a seat at the English debate because she was considered a genuine contender. She finished in the also-ran category with 2.8% of the vote but has promised to return under the same banner.

The Conservatives in York South-Weston need to run local candidates who don’t disappear after each election.

It turned out that there was a Big Red Wave after all but only in Ontario. Ahmed Hussen has been given a fresh mandate to continue his aloof ways. The sight of Frances Nunziata campaigning alongside him was additional evidence that he’s far too good for York South-Weston and we definitely should be grateful to have him.

The NDP need to intensify their focus on working families struggling to make ends meet rather than by tangling themselves up in layers of dogma and political correctness. A lot more people care about minimum wage than how many genders there are. They also need to tackle the motivations of 43% of the York South-Weston electorate who declined the opportunity to vote.

All election signs must be removed by 9:30pm Thursday.

Weston pharmacist gets 13 years in jail

A pharmacist at Weston PharmaChoice on Lawrence has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for dealing fentanyl. A Weston-area doctor was a co-conspirator. He will be sentenced next month.

Shereen El-Azrak was convicted of selling 2,780 fentanyl patches fraudulently prescribed by Dr George Otto, who worked at a walk-in clinic near Jane and Wilson.

The court estimates that she distributed up to 6,400 patches, worth more than a million dollars on the street.

For each ‘patient’ (each of whom received many patches) Otto received a kickback of $1500, and El-Azrak got $500, according to Global News. The fentanyl packages were sold to two middlemen, who distributed them across the province, as far away as Sudbury.


El-Azrak also worked as a pharmacist at the Humber River Regional Hospital, according to The Globe and Mail.

It wasn’t a close one

Contrary to pundits‘ polling, it wasn’t even close in York South–Weston. Ahmed Hussen won in a landslide, with much more than half the vote. The other candidates trailed far behind, none getting more than 19%.

The results must be particularly upsetting for Yafet Tewelde, who ran a strong campaign. He was shellacked by Hussen and barely eked out a lead against a lackluster Conservative parachute candidate.

Perhaps we are seeing demographic change in the riding and we are moving rightward. In the past, the York South–Weston has voted NDP or Liberal, but in this and the provincial election, the conservative candidates did reasonably well. Rattan tied Tewelde despite her lack of experience, poor debate performance, and absence in the community. Before her, PC Mark DeMontis received a strong second-place finish in the provincial election.

On the fringes, Gerard Racine did dismally, with 1.7% of the vote. Nicki Ward fared hardly any better; despite a strong debate and considerable charisma, she received only 3.6% of the vote.