Pained postdeluvian politicians push portly plumbing

The epic storm of this past summer continues to have effects. At this week’s City Council meeting, politicians decided to ask the upper levels of government for money and help. They also asked Toronto Water to come up with a plan for all of Toronto to deal with floods like we experienced.

The city is asking the province and country for financial assistance and help with programs for future disaster mitigation that “reflect the reality of climate change” (is that pointed?). Council is also asking for the province to again go Dutch on the Conservation Authority programs for flooding.

They also asked city staff to consider expanding the basement flooding protection efforts across the whole city and to figure out how to enforce the downspout disconnection plan. Finally, they would like a tally of the vulnerable houses around Black Creek.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Pained postdeluvian politicians push portly plumbing”

  1. Too bad we blew at least a Billion $ on the subway in Scarborough rather than going for the free option. Is there any money left for flood control?

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