Parliamentary Reform Meeting with Ahmed Hussen.

MP Ahmed Hussen (centre) and MP Mark Holland (right) discuss electoral reform with constituents.
MP Ahmed Hussen (centre) and MP Mark Holland (right) discuss electoral reform with constituents August 10, 2016.

Almost 30 residents attended yesterday’s consultation meeting at the 99 Milvan Drive office of York South-Weston MP Ahmed Hussen. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Democratic Institutions, MP Mark Holland presented the various alternatives to ‘first past the post‘ elections and then the floor was thrown open to residents’ comments.

One thing is clear from the meeting; electoral reform is coming. Currently a non-stacked parliamentary committee is studying the matter. Input from ridings around the country will help determine the best alternative to the current system.

3 thoughts on “Parliamentary Reform Meeting with Ahmed Hussen.”

    1. YSW is city wards 11 and 12. The office is in the same building as Councillor DiGiorgio and MPP Albanese, so it makes it simpler for everyone.

  1. Will there be a meeting about jobs, economy, attracting federal resources to the area etc etc…..what a bunch of BS….once again a liberal in power within the leading party and ends up doing nothing for our community. But sadly he will win again…..cause folks can’t look past liberal BS.

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