Pelmo and Pellatt parks getting new play structures

Weston will soon have two new play structures at local parks.  The play equipment at Pelmo and Pellatt Parks has been torn down.  Both areas have been fenced off, and work has been at a standstill for over a week.  But if Grattan Park is any indication, it will not take long to complete once they start installing the equipment.

The play structure at Pelmo Park was made of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated wood (pressure treated wood), which has been known to leach arsenic into the ground. In 2002, the structure was tested for elevated levels of arsenic in the soil and on the surface of the wooden structures.  In 2003, the city recommended that the structure be sealed and the soil be replaced. Parents will now be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their children will have safe equipment to play on.

Over at Pellatt Park, the equipment was old, rusted and rickety.  A new play structure will be much appreciated by those who live in close proximity.

On a side note, plans are underway for the revitalization of W. C. Swanek Park (that play structure is also made of CCA treated wood).  The Pelmo-Swanek Community Association is supposed to be holding a meeting sometime in the near future to present an updated plan.