Pelmo is sick with COVID

The Pelmo Park–Humberlea neighbourhood, part of which is in the area most people would call Weston, has the highest rate of new community-spread COVID cases in the city.

Pelmo Park–Humberlea includes the Pelmo neighbourhood south of the 401, as well as an area to the north of the 401 and  west of the 400.Map of Pelmo Park

Pelmo Park–Humberlea has had 17 new “sporadic” cases in the past 21 days, out of a population of about 10,000. That gives it an infection rate of 159 per 100,000 people, by far the highest in the city—the average rate is 28. (“Sporadic” cases occur outside a healthcare facility).

On the one hand, this may be a statistical blip: 17 cases isn’t a huge number. On the other hand, it is the highest rate in the city in the statistic I think we should care most about: new cases of community spread.

COVID continues to be a problem in the northwest part of the city. In Weston proper, we have had 13 new cases in the past 21 days, and we rank a dismal 9th-worst for new infection rates.

By contrast, more than 10% of the city’s neighbourhoods have had no new cases at all.

Including outbreaks in healthcare facilities makes the picture even darker. Humber Heights (just across the river), Weston, and Mount Dennis have been three of the four worst-hit neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Frances Nunziata says she prompted Joe Cressy, the Chair of Toronto Public Health, to write a letter to the Ontario Minister of Health and the Chief Medical Officer. The letter explains Cressy’s hypotheses around why COVID has been so prevalent here: race, income, reduced access to health services, and household crowding.

He calls on the province to provide:

  • Increased testing, including mobile testing
  • Accommodation for people needing to isolate
  • Increased data collection
  • Improved protections for workers
  • Faster test results





Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Pelmo is sick with COVID”

  1. We shouldn’t be solely relying on our municipal politicians to be making the case for better attention to be paid in our communities that are hardest hit. And thank you to the Councillor for listening to her constituents who did asked her to make the case for more testing locally. That should be the responsibility of our MPP Faisal Hassan. I have personally spoken to him at least 4 times since March on getting a mobile testing centre set up in our community – one that is accessible by car or by foot. We should not be asking for people to have to travel outside of the community to be tested or have to waste a TTC fare or 2 to get there, let alone taking a taxi or Uber (which can also spread COVID). We have a vast parking lot at the old Humber Hospital that could be set up for drive-thru testing. It has not been done. His response: “I’m just in the official opposition not the governing party which makes that call.”. I call crap on that. I also asked that information be sent out in the various languages spoken in the community since many don’t read or speak English fluently. The response by him and even our MP – the ethnic media will cover it better. Again, I call crap.

    I’ve stayed in my store since the early days of the pandemic because I wanted and needed to serve my clients both in the community and my school clients across the province. We managed with our front lights off and doors locked. Now, 2 months after the ability to allow people in the store, my lights are on but the door is still locked and will stay so because I see people who are still not ‘getting it’. And they will not be let in without a mask or sanitizing hands if they plan on touching product. That is just the way it is. Sadly, not all businesses are doing this and this is where people believe they can walk up to a store without, at the very least, wearing a mask. This only works if EVERYONE is following the protocols. Very disturbing watching people just not paying attention to their surroundings or having respect for others, either, while walking on the streets. And I really want to be able to keep my door unlocked and let people in at will without having to unlock the door or hear people banging on it to come in.

  2. That’s a,

    As you say, “ .. people just not paying attention to their surroundings or having respect for others, either, while walking on the streets.”

    It’s really not that hard. And, you don’t need to go to Med school to figure that stuff out, right?

    It just takes a decent attitude & being more “mindful”.

    It’s a respectful thing to do.

    And seriously, isn’t that what most people complain & fight about on a daily basis – not getting enough respect???

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