Pelmo Park PS doing just fine

This is part of an ongoing series of reports on the schools in Weston. Every year, the EQAO office reports on every school in Ontario and assesses the students’ language and arithmetic skills.

Pelmo Park Public School didn’t do particularly well in last year’s EQAO assessment. But, in this case, that’s probably just fine. Many of Pelmo’s students are overcoming disadvantages that their peers don’t face.

Only 49% of grade 3 Pelmo students met the provincial standards for reading. 64% of the board did, and 65% of the province did. In math, things were equally bad; 47% of the school passed, but 70% of the board did, and 69% of the province did.

The writing tests were much better, however. Pelmo students were very nearly as good as their provincial and board counterparts; 69% of the school’s kids made the grade, while 74% of the board and 73% of the province’s did.

On the face of it, that’s pretty bad. But here’s the thing: more than half of the kids at Pelmo get special education. Less than 20% of kids province-wide do. That Pelmo did so well, then, could be seen as a bit remarkable. Pelmo has historically always had more children with special-education needs, and has typically done quite well, especially in writing.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.