Pelmo Park to get some extra money

Pelmo Park and community centre will likely be getting some extra money—though just how big the cheque will be, and when it will be written, is a little hard to say.

The money will come from a strange place: West Park Healthcare Centre. The centre, near the intersection of Jane St and Weston Rd, is starting a redevelopment to add “new mixed-use, senior-focused residential developments to the east portion of the site.” The development will happen over the next 20 years, as funding becomes available. West Park’s plans were approved with amendments by Etobicoke York Community Council on Tuesday.

The city makes all residential developers create park space or pay ‘cash-in-lieu’, and though West Park is exempt from some of the requirement because it is a healthcare institution, it will still be made to pay part of the levy. The bylaw states that some of the cash-in-lieu must go towards creating or improving parks in the vicinity of the new development. And although West Park is within a kilometer of five other parks, city staff recommended the far-distant Pelmo Park.

It is beyond the capabilities of your humble correspondent to figure out just how much money will be involved or why staff chose Pelmo Park when other parks are so near; the staff document does not explain. The payment should come sooner rather than later, though; the developers have to pay before the city will issue them a building permit.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.