2 thoughts on “Perfect Blend closing”

  1. Sadly, interesting where many in our town have often dreamed aloud about having unique eateries to frequent – hoping to be just like the fancy pants down in Bloor West Village, Roncey and the Junction.

    Another victim of the pandemic?

    Or has generic “name brand” competition drawn some away – who would need a quick fix & treat in their busy day?

    Is it “location”?
    Is it “cultural”?
    Or is it a “customer service & product” issue?

    Pandemic fallout?
    Or like with the dollar stores, a costing thing?

    In any case, too bad.

    How’s that “Black Cat” eatery doing at their “inner town” location on Rosemount?)

  2. location matters and quality….place was nothing special, ie no patio, no wifi…..and all I remembered were the stale treats…NEXT

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