Perfect Blend Official Opening

On Saturday March 28, there was a packed house inside Weston’s newest and long anticipated coffee shop and bakery. Perfect Blend had its official opening and Weston’s politicians were there in force to mark the occasion.

A packed house enjoys Perfect Blend's offerings.
A packed house enjoys Perfect Blend’s offerings.
MPP Laura Albanese and Councillor Frances Nunziata.
MPP Laura Albanese (L)  and Councillor Frances Nunziata.

During her speech to the crowd, Councillor Frances Nunziata thanked George Kalamaris  stressed that things are looking up for Weston. As evidence, she named the new medical centre opening up in the old Post Office Building that she claimed will bring ‘thousands of people into Weston’ as well as the new P&M restaurant opening soon. The councillor referred to Weston as being a vibrant community. MP Mike Sullivan stated that people in Weston have been waiting for a good coffee shop for a long time. ‘They were begging for some of the chains to come here but we did better than that with this opening by a local person.’ Sullivan stated he is trying to get Perfect Blend, ‘Connected to the GO Station too so that when the GO Station has its own little coffee shop, then it’s these folks that are supplying it’. Sullivan stressed the importance of supporting local businesses.

Laura Albanese stated that, ‘Small businesses are the heart of every community’ and that Weston is no exception.

Mike McDonald representing the Weston Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association said, ‘We have needed this and wanted this for a long long time.’ His six-year-old son declared that his Perfect Blend bagel was the best he’d ever had.

Mike Sullivan, Laura Albanese and Frances Nunziata congratulate George Kalamaris at the official opening of Perfect Blend Bakery.
Mike Sullivan, Laura Albanese and Frances Nunziata congratulate George Kalamaris at the official opening of Perfect Blend Bakery.

Owner George Kalamaris thanked everyone in the community for coming out and stated that opening Perfect Blend was a dream come true for him. He and his father Costas have been part of the build ‘from the ground up’ at his location as well as across the road at the new P&Ms. George recalled when his grandfather opened P&Ms many years ago and said that 40 years later, his family is part of the community and proud of the contributions they have made in Weston. Perfect Blend has a core of regulars already, after only three weeks. George personally thanked his father Costas for all his hard work and support, ‘Without him, none of this would have been possible. Without him, Perfect Blend wouldn’t be perfect.’

The ribbon cutting ceremony.
The ribbon cutting ceremony (apologies to George the actual ribbon cutter).

Look for Perfect Blend’s Facebook page coming soon. Perfect Blend is an easy walk for most Westonians; and as the old expression goes, use it or lose it.