Peter Anan restaurant closes

The dining scene is dismal in Weston. There are few restaurants, and fewer good ones. And now an old standby, Peter Anan Thai Restaurant, has closed.

Peter Anan’s was a strange place. It forewent the bamboo and Buddhas for the style of a 1960s cafe. The food was merely decent, but the prices were fair, the service was excellent, and the owner and staff were kind.

Now the windows are papered over, and Anan has put a sign on the door: “Dear customer, THANK YOU for all the past business.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Peter Anan restaurant closes”

  1. The food was WONDERFUL, and always fresh and will be very very much missed.

    I wish we’d known the little local gem was closing so we could at least have had a farewell dinner.

    (There is one correction: the 1950s cafe look disappeared last year when Peter renovated the interior, and all his work is lost now to the disposal bins that have been filled with debris.)

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