Petition to keep “York Memorial”

In 2019, a fire destroyed York Memorial. It also made drew attention to a bit of a tricky situation: George Harvey Collegiate, just down the street, is underused. Memorial students moved in temporarily, but it wasn’t a huge success.

The TDSB is now considering four options for the two schools, three of which involve consolidation. That, of course, brings up a number of questions—one of which is what to call the new school.

Now, petitioners are asking that, if the school is consolidated, it be named York Memorial to honour the students killed in the two world wars.

The school was built in 1929 in memory of young men from York Township who fought and died for Canada in the First World War. The school is a monument to their sacrifice and was therefore named in their honour: York Memorial. Following the Second World War, the school was rededicated to those “Memo” students who lost their lives serving Canada in this war.  Two plaques bearing the names of these York Memorial students and their photos are part of the historical legacy of the school.

For 90 years, YMCI has proudly served the community as an institute of higher learning and as a War Memorial. The school was designated as a heritage building in 1985 by the former City of York and again in 2015 by the City of Toronto.

The history of this school deserves to be respected and preserved for future generations.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.