Pick a bridge – any bridge

When John Street closes at the rail line, the two sections will be linked by a footbridge. Metrolinx would like your input in selecting the bridge and have narrowed the choice down to the four contenders presented below. The bridges will be discussed in detail next Saturday March 3rd at the Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Road between 10am and 2pm with a presentation at noon. You can also review the design concepts by visiting their community office at 1631 Weston Road (416-241-2300). Scroll down for the feedback link.

Montgomery Sisam's "Stairs Ramp"
DTAH's "Twin Arch"
DTAH's "Green Truss"
Barry Padolsky's "White Truss"

If you can’t make the meeting, feedback is possible through this link.

9 thoughts on “Pick a bridge – any bridge”

  1. Already sent in my feedback form expressing my displeasure at having to chose from from four uber-modern designs in a heritage neighbourhood. The green and orange one is praticularly horrid. Can’t understand why they wouldn’t go with something that fit it with the surrounding buildings and would utilize brick, wrought iron, or something similar.

  2. Wow. Haters on good bridge design (although I can’t for the life of me figure out the white truss solar panels). Oh yes, brick, wrought iron works well with a bridge today. No understanding of bridge design made clear with those comments. Uber-modern? Quite restrained if you ask me. How about you go and learn something at the presentations Saturday, and ask the question then.

  3. Looks like the architect was just sitting in their Bay St office and never visited Weston. Those designs remind me of Lakeshore or Ontario Place. Something more historical looking would be better.

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