Planning studies to be approved

Tomorrow, City Hall will rubber stamp a proposal by Frances Nunziata to review planning studies in Weston and Mount Dennis. If you don’t love the idea of 30-storey towers in Weston, you may be surprised to hear what they have planned. Nunziata says there is lots of

 future development potential in Weston Village, which is home to the Weston GO Station and a stop on the UP Express…. The local community has been involved in the various initiatives that have taken place and have expressed a desire to see development investment in the area. A planning study would provide the policy framework and new zoning to provide for good-quality and appropriate development in this area.

Given the wide opposition to the John Street development, it seems a bit of a stretch to say that the local community wants more development in the area. (And an aside: god, how I hate the word “development”. Let’s call it what it is: “building”. Do you want more building in the area? Maybe you do. But don’t confuse building with cultural, social, or community development.)

A quick refresher: The Rockport Group developers were railroaded by spurious requirements more applicable to downtown building than construction in the suburbs. They had originally planned an 18-storey tower on the John Street lot but were forced to redesign for a 30-storey tower by the apparatchiks at City Hall who thought that the “Tall Building Guidelines” should apply here.


Nunziata has proposed a similar review for Mount Dennis, based on the same premise: that transit development necessitates a planning review.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.