Plans for South Station revealed

The city had an open house last week to reveal their plans for the intersection of Lawrence and South Station Street. The plans call for:

  • A more walkable village
  • Streets that are more than car corridors
  • A greener village with more large-canopy trees
  • More cultural expression
  • Identifiable landmarks to mark Weston
What we were promised
What the future may hold¹



What we got
What we have got (so far)

The redesign came out of a design conference nearly three years ago. We were promised a lot: essentially a comprehensive rethinking of the village, with improvements to the streets, public safety, lighting, cleaning and policing.

These new plans are, frankly, a good first few steps—but not the end of the trip. More may yet materialize. Jennifer in Nunziata’s office says that “Streetscape improvements will be secured along Weston Road as developments are submitted for approval, and as City capital projects occur.”

Construction will happen this summer.

I’m sure the cobblestones will totally make it into the final plan









¹ I captioned the photos incorrectly in the first version of this post. The captions implied that the redevelopment hasn’t lived up to the plans. I had meant to imply that the development has been slow. I’ve made that more clear now.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Plans for South Station revealed”

  1. This will be money thrown to the winds, like the “revitalization” of John Street of which only the aluminum planters remain. Ick. Just give us trees, sidewalks we can walk on, safer not cuter outdoor spaces.

    What world do these planners live in?

  2. okay again wasted money…who was invited to this community meeting? there is nothing on South Station street……come on people wake up.

  3. My father was a “Sunday painter”. I have a fabulous watercolour and ink painting he made of the old Satin Finish building and area in Weston. It is quite large.

    If you would like to see this nostalgic artwork, I would gladly send you an image through e-mail.



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