5 thoughts on “Please do something.”

  1. That’s good news, and we need good news to share with each other for 2013.

    Can everyone report something?

  2. maybe on slow news days a historical tidbit or story of Weston Past may be in order…

    …how awesome would that be?

  3. On the walk to the Go Station this morning. I noticed some type of film/tv shoot happening at King and Rosemout. We may have some stars hanging out in Weston! You should check it out Adam.

  4. I have some exciting news. After a year of development, and progress, 1784 Jane street is now being transformed into an upper class restaurant. We are now awaiting good weather to do the front facelift. But inside is going to be spectaular. As for the menu, that will be discussed as I had a meeting with locals and councillor Nunziata on what the best uses for that restaurant would be.

    For now, this location is going to definitely change the community.

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