Please Vote – It’s Important.


Readers, we implore you to go and vote today if you didn’t during the advance polls.

It would be nice to have a majority of our electorate actually make the effort to cast a ballot (last time it was 46.1%). Voting ensures that you have a say in selecting a representative in the Ontario Legislature and which party will lead Ontario for the next four years. Voting also rewards the hard work of candidates and their armies of volunteers.

Your vote has a financial implication too. Parties with 2% or more of the popular vote will receive a $2.71 per vote subsidy towards the next election.

For where to vote, enter your postal code here.

If you’re in York South-Weston and need help getting to the polls, call one of these numbers for assistance:

Liberal Supporters: 416-244-1955

NDP Supporters: 416-244-3349

PC Supporters: 416-407-9149