P&M’s—lots of history and a bright future

You know about P&M restaurant, right? You may even be well-acquainted with their AMAZING burgers, great fish n’ chips and unbeatable breakfasts.  Every great town needs a great family-run restaurant – and boy, have we lucked out with P&M.

You are missing out if you have not yet experienced the hospitality and good eats of Frank Kalamaris and the P&M gang.  P&M Restaurant opened it’s doors 37 years ago, under the leadership of Frank’s father, George, a recent immigrant from Chios, Greece.  With a keen eye for business and traditional family recipes passed down to him through generations, George set up shop in Weston in 1975, with Frank in tow eager to learn the trade.  It would seem that the Kalamarises possess a strong entrepreneurial gene as Frank’s fraternal cousin, Peter carries on his own father’s legacy at Peter’s Barber Shop located on John Street.

Frank has seen Weston change over the better part of the last four decades and has, at times, been very concerned about the direction Weston has headed.  By his own admission, Frank isn’t much of a politician but perhaps our governmental representatives should visit for a little dose of advice to go with the amazing soulvlaki and homemade tzatziki.  Frank cites poverty, changing priorities of families and past political funding initiatives as major contributing factors to Weston’s rise in crime.  Despite the transitions that Weston has experienced, Frank predicts good things for the future.

I share Frank’s optimism.  P&M is gearing up to move into a new larger location.  Frank has purchased the building that currently houses the Central Bar and Grillyou know the one —they’ve got 2 yellow-cards from Toronto Public Health inspectors.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for this change.

The larger space will allow for more seating plus additional cooking and prep space. The current situation demands that staff cart supplies up and down stairs to an apartment space above, used solely for storage.

In the meantime, the family tradition continues at 1972 Weston Road with Niki (Frank’s wife), Mary (Frank’s twin sister), Stacey (Niki’s sister) Mandy (a member of their restaurant family) and George (Franks’s son) turning out homemade take-out and dine-in orders faster than any ‘fast food’ establishment in the area.  Obviously there is no comparison in terms of taste—that would be like comparing huge freshly picked apples offered with a smile to a dried out orange that you find hanging out in the back of your fridge.

Retirement isn’t in the cards for Frank any time soon, however George is quickly getting up to speed as he is studying Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management at Humber College.  Frank can’t say for certain if George plans to take over the business one day and is leaving the decision up to his son to make for himself.  George has already contributed to new menu items (I don’t know if this includes the reintroduction of hot dogs but I’m looking forward to trying the grill-top style street meat soon) and he has also set up a P&M facebook page that keeps fans updated about specials and new menu items.  And I should mention, in case you don’t know yet, that the servings are huge.  Always piping hot.  Always quick.  And the fries….OH. THE. FRIES.

I’ll keep my eye on P&M and report back when they make their big move.  Of course I will exercise correspondant prudence and check back with the folks at P&M for updates – often.  Any menu recommendations?  If you haven’t yet tried Niki’s homemade rice pudding, it’s an absolute must on your next visit.  P & M is truly one of the best parts of Weston!



5 thoughts on “P&M’s—lots of history and a bright future”

  1. Thank you for this great review and appreciation of a truly unique institution that we’re lucky enough to have right here!

    P&M’s continues to be a great asset, and we thank Frank & co!

  2. The halibut fish and chips are excellent! The large fish and chips consists of 2 very generous pieces of Halibut, plenty of fries and a drink… perfect for sharing and reasonably priced! It’s getting harder to find decent ‘Mom and Pop’ style restaurants, so as Weston residents, we’re lucky to have one of the best so close by. Hooray for P & M!!!

  3. What I love about P&M (besides the best pancakes in the city and the chicken souvlaki served with that amazing rice) is how you feel when you walk into the restaurant. You are greeted by Niki and Frank, directed to a table and your order is taken by Mary or Stacey, all the while conversations are happening around you. You can either join the exchange or sit back, listen to the teasing taking place between the owners and the regulars, and smile. Before long a platter of food is placed before you and you dig in thinking that there is no way you will be able to eat it all — and then it is done.
    I wish the family all success in the new location — just don’t change too much!

  4. Best neighbours a girl could ask for! Frank and Niki along with the rest of the gang are like family. We look out for each other and when they do move down the street, I will be very sad to see them move. Happy for them and the bigger space but sad that I won’t be able to pop my head out to chat with them like I can now. We have grown up together and as 2 of the second-generation retailers in Weston Village, we share a bond. And yes, those fries are TO DIE FOR! 🙂

  5. Wow! Thank you for your comments, thoughts and suggestions!
    I couldn’t agree with you more, powerofthepress; P&M is certainly an asset and integral institution to our community.
    Fish n’ Chips fan – my husband and I often share a meal too. Sometimes we split an order of fries and get our own burgers. Turns out the fries reheat well in the oven so if it’s a bit too cozy at P&M’ we head home and enjoy hot food but miss the hospitality.
    Diana – thank you for the pancake tip and the very welcome reminder of “that amazing rice”!
    Suri – I thought of you when I found out that P&M is on the move. Frank and the gang will miss you too, I’m sure. Here’s hoping that your new neighbours, whoever they end up being, are great too! I’m not-so-secretly hoping for a coffee shop!

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