Police cruiser smashed, shots fired near Weston

The police are looking for a suspect involved in at least one car crash and a shooting in the Weston area.

The story is very murky. Shots were fired at the building at 300 Queens Drive (which is over Jane Street from Weston) and the suspect likely fled to the area of Rogers and Weston roads in a stolen car. Spotted there by police, he crashed into a cruiser before fleeing.

CP24 says (nonsensically) that he fled to Sheppard and the 400, was involved in another collision with a cruiser, and then returned to the area of the first collision before crashing the car and fleeing on foot.  680News makes no mention of a second crash, Global News says that the suspect collided with two cars, and City says with a car and fence.

300 Queens Drive was the site of a murder in 2004.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.