Police display seized guns

Yesterday, Toronto Police displayed the 60 handguns seized in this week’s raids on the Five Point Generalz, a Weston-area (but GTA-wide) gang.

The guns are remarkable because many of them have brightly-coloured lowers. They were purchased new, in Florida “to be used, and sold, by the Five Point Generalz”.

Image from The Star

The guns cost about $400 (Canadian) in Florida, and could be sold in Toronto for about $4000. The Deputy Chief said colours were “a first for me. The one in orange looked like a water pistol my grand daughter has.” Drugs, cash, and ammunition were also seized.

75 people were arrested in Project Patton, and about 1000 charges will be laid for weapons, drugs, smuggling, among other crimes. Two of those arrested were minors, nine were women, and “a significant number” had been arrested before. 13 people arrested in Project Corral, in 2010, were rearrested this week, and 68 of the 70 arrested have prior criminal records.

The police recognized that the arrests would not end gang violence in the city, but Deputy Chief Jim Ramer said that those arrested, and any member of the community, would find help leaving the gang lifestyle.

Still capture from the press conference
Still capture from the press conference

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Why are the ones who were arrested in 2010, out in public to be re-arrested again.. What is the good in arresting them and then letting them go… only to do the same thing again???

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