Police gut crime reporting

Last month, the Toronto Police cut two important parts of their website: The Major Crime Reports and the Neighbourhood Crime Indicators. In effect, they’ve gutted the crime reporting here.

The Major Crime Reports were a daily ticker of street crimes in the city. They showed crimes like muggings and purse snatchings, and they let people like me map out trouble spots. The neighbourhood indicators put crimes on a map and updated the local crime statistics frequently.

These services were important, and they helped our community. Using them, I was able to track the rash of cell phone muggings that plagued young people last year. That local rash of muggings led to a national database of stolen cellphones, which was pushed for by Frances Nunziata and Mike Sullivan, our local politicians.

Now the police have taken away that source of hard facts. If there is another rash of muggings, we’ll probably never know. Even if we were able to piece some crimes together, we’d never know if we’d found them all.

I’ve tried to find out why the police have cut these services. The police have not responded to my emails, nor have they called me. I’ve been in touch with Frances Nunziata’s office; they’ve had no luck either.

If you, reader, would like your crime reporting back, leave a comment. Or, better yet, call Frances Nunziata’s office, (416) 392-4091, and leave a comment below. It’s not Nunziata’s fault, but she is in a position to sway the police. She sits on the board and as a councillor signs their pay cheques.

Maybe if the police know that we really care they’ll bring back the service.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Police gut crime reporting”

  1. I agree: we need information, and your reporting of that data, to understand and, as the police are always advising, “be aware” of our surroundings.
    Keeping this information from the public is not what we expect from our police force.

  2. I called Francis Nunziata’s office and told them I want her to urge police to put back that portion of their website.

    Why would they want to hide such a thing by removing it

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