Police make progress on muggers, issue warning

12 Division police say that they have made arrested some muggers, but admit they “are still having problems in the north end of the division in the Lawrence Ave area between Weston Road and Jane Street”.

A public email sent today says that “a majority” of the muggings are kids being robbed of their cell phones right after school or during the lunch hour. The police say that it is generally “groups of their peers” that are doing the muggings, despite the fact that the public suspect descriptions are usually of young men in their 20s (though the difference could be ascribed, of course, to the terror and youth of the young people being mugged).

The police ask the public to exercise discretion when using cell phones—flashy phones are often stolen—and to remain aware of their surroundings.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Police make progress on muggers, issue warning”

  1. Is there any indication that any of the victims were actually using their phones?

    Since we are the ones to be aware of our surroundings, just exactly what are we supposed to do when the surroundings include an aggressive group of young men? Try to outrun them, charm them, get their phone numbers?

    It would be really good to know, because as advice this is useless, and if we are responsible, some actual advice would be in order.

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