Police seeking 2 in Weston murder

The Toronto police are asking for help finding two people who were witnesses in the murder of Kiowa McComb, killed earlier this year outside Gucci’s Bar and Grill.

The police are trying to “shame” the two individuals into coming forward. They would have been only “feet away from the stabbing”, said Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux. They “would have seen the entire [murder] unfold in front of them.”

Kiowa McComb was allegedly killed by Andre Appleton, who has been arrested and is in custody. Appleton and McComb were, the police say, involved in a fight that led to McComb being stabbed in the neck. Kiowa McComb’s brother was also stabbed in the abdomen.

The male witness was clearly “shocked and horrified” by the blood loss on the street, and both fled the area soon after.

The two people frequent bars in the Jane Street corridor Giroux said, and the woman’s name may be “Layla”. They are not suspects. The police are hoping that these two witnesses will come forward to provide evidence.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Police seeking 2 in Weston murder”

  1. LOL….like I said, funny how we can catch a beer tossing fan at Skydome (yes, I still call it that) within HOURS, yet trying to find these people, it’s like trying to pull teeth from the public. I wonder what that’s saying about society?

  2. earlier this year

    LOL….so after all these months, NO ONE knows who these people are?
    Post their faces all over social media and the internet / news / TV. THAT’S how you shame them. You can’t rely on this society to rat on people.

    Yet, it’s amazing how we can find a guy like Ken Pagan at a sporting event within hours of throwing a beer can during a baseball game.

    Yet these type of folks? Nope, they disappear without a trace. Are they even legal citizens? Or maybe they’re hiding because they’re already in trouble with the law.

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