Politics does make strange bedfellows

It’s one thing to flatter a bully when you are the smallest kid in the class. It’s another thing when you’re the school principal.

Laura Albanese often gets criticized by commenters around here for not sticking up for Weston, and for not going nose-to-nose with GO Transit and Metrolinx. These transit agencies have pushed our town around, and Albanese took a lot of heat in the election (when she actually showed up to debates) for not grabbing the bully’s ear and setting things straight.

But this week things got just plain weird: Albanese was rather awkwardly caught on tape holding the bully’s hand. On Wednesday, she complimented GO Transit in the House for 45 years of service. She commended them for their new, green vehicles and for expanding the line that runs through our town.

Just this past December, GO Transit rail service was officially launched in the Kitchener-Waterloo region… passing through my riding of York South–Weston. …

Since 2003, GO Transit has put into service new vehicles that are modern, accessible, more fuel-efficient and carry more passengers. This includes 22 double-decker buses added to the GO Transit bus fleet.

There is, of course, much to recommend having friends in powerful places, but Albanese should be carefully weighing whether that coziness will actually get things done in her riding. I have my doubts. I also think that she loses votes when she isn’t seen standing up for us.

The speech also shows bad judgement. Albanese was either put up to it by her party, or chose to do it herself. If the Liberals put her up to it, then we have to wonder why they chose her of all people. Was John Milloy, the MPP from Kitchener, not a better choice? After all, he did just get the new trains.

If she chose to give this speech herself, she clearly cannot see how this looks to her constituents—GO Transit has a serious image problem. (And they have a serious image problem because they have been awful to Weston.) Ms Albanese should have considered stony silence on the bully’s birthday, not handing him a cake.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Politics does make strange bedfellows”

  1. Ms. Albanese clearly is so obtuse that she cannot see the optics of this. Neither can she see that putting blatant falsehoods into print will come back to haunt her. Weston has been put into an untenable position whereby it has to continue to defend its rights as a community, a priority community at that, up against the Goliath triad of Metrolinx, GO Transit and the Province. We get the window dressing but not the actual windows. It is not enough to assuage us with shiny baubles when the community deserves the real deal — better public transit, an electrified Air Rail Link and no threats to our stop on the route. When those actions are achieved, then Weston residents will breathe easier – LITERALLY – and will thank those who have brought them the actions. Until then, we continue to voice our concerns about the diesel trains, the wasting of money and the lack of commitment to electrify before the Pan Am Games.

    What Albanese should have said was that her community would be celebrating GO’s achievement with her if they were running the rail lines needed for the 2-week Pan Am Games and letting Metrolinx work on electrifying the lines for day 1 of the Games to achieve the ‘Greenest Games Ever’. Instead, she towed the party line and we are still the losers as will be visitors to the Games.

    Let’s not continue to reward ‘bad behaviour’.

  2. This is appalling! Does she think no one will notice what she’s doing, or that we are all idiots?

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