Poll finds wide support for adding stops to the ARL

Most Torontonians support more stops on the Air Rail Link, according to the Toronto Sun.

Around 53% say they are in favour of more stops… even if that leads to a longer ride. Just 39% of residents said they support just two stops along the route.

Right now, the ARL will start at Union Station, and stop at Weston and at Bloor before arriving at the airport. More stops would make the ARL a useful transit option–although fares may well be unaffordable, and have not yet been made clear.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Poll finds wide support for adding stops to the ARL”

  1. Loyal foot soldier Laura appeared yesterday in a photo op with her boss Dalton for the air-link at the airport. (And the airport is not part of York South Weston riding!) CFTO only mention this for only like 5 seconds during their newscast last night! Thank goodness for the internet and WestonWeb!Report

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