Poll shows Nunziata far in the lead

Frances Nunziata has a huge lead in Ward 5, according to Mainstreet Research.  Nunziata is supported by about 40% of decided voters. Frank Di Diorgio, the other incumbent, trails her by 10%, and the new challengers, Lekan Olawoye (7%) and Chiara Padovani (4%), are far behind.

18% of decided voters will be supporting one of the other candidates, and 35% of voters have not yet decided whom they will vote for.


From Mainstreet Research
From Mainstreet Research

Mainstreet Research robo-called 593 residents on cell and landlines. The survey was not paid for by any candidate, party, or company; Mainstreet foot the bill.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

9 thoughts on “Poll shows Nunziata far in the lead”

  1. Frances has usually taken the old ward 11 with close to 70 percent of the vote. Frank in the past has barely won the old ward 12 with 30 poercent in the past few elections. Can’t see anyone knocking off Frances here no matter how much the NDP backed candidates want her out.

  2. what has frances done that she keeps winning…this is crazy as weston is going to get worse and she leads it….

  3. Sure, blame the long time, hard working, experienced politician – who clearly, is not afraid of hard work while attempting to service every imaginable special interest person & group in the old City of York or now, numbered ward – street by street, cubby hole by cubby hole.

    Perhaps the curse of being “liberal”.

    But, if you feel neglected, make a commitment and reach out, with civility.

    She’ll give you the time of day, and then some – to a point, if worthy.

    If you want to beat this committed public servant, better be prepared to out work her – 24/7.

    It’s a hell of a life (24/7) because not everyone wants to continue “walking the walk” after “talking all that talk”.

    She’ll step aside, one day.
    (Haters better hope she doesn’t have “Hurricane Hazel” drive & longevity.)

    1. I appreciate Frances’ responses to local issues (eg. Bellevue water issue) and accessibility but she comes up short when it comes to vision and her ability to be an advocate for our ward at City Hall. So much of what she does is reactive action to resolve issues versus proactive advocacy and leadership to serve our ward. We need someone who will raise hell on our behalf at council. That’s never been Frances’ strength and is part of the reason why we are where we are at the moment.
      Sadly, I don’t think the type of dynamic candidate needed to unseat her is running in this election so she’ll get another four years. I think it would have been very interesting if Saron Gebresellassi had started small and run for council in our ward rather than mayor. Her performances in the debates have been very compelling .

  4. Re: Ms. Gebresellassi

    Yes, compelling, as we began getting acquainted with her during the initial mayoral debate.

    And then, a more unreasonable person began to evolve, and the volume increased.
    (I’m not sure yelling or shouting ever helps one’s cause. It’s a tune out, unless preaching to the choir.)

    And yes, baby steps through the political landscape may be a better route toward political leadership.

    However, as they say in the world of sports, “..before you’re declared winner, you have to play the game, the whole game from start to finish.”

    So, heads up, incumbents.

    1. If you want to go see why Frances and Frank are in the lead, go take a drive across Jane towards the Maple Leaf area.

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