Pop-up shops. Still a good idea for Weston / Mount Dennis.

From: http://www.startup-hub.co.uk/popup-shops/

Here at WestonWeb, we often think we know better than anyone else. After all it’s easy to second guess from the sidelines. Sometimes though an idea seems so right for an area that it should be given a closer look.

Pop-up shops are an idea that originated in Australia and the idea is that empty stores are cleaned up by volunteers and then opened by businesses for a short period of time. Landlords charge little or no rent but benefit because successful pop-up businesses sometimes end up as paying tenants. The whole street benefits because more spill over sales traffic is generated. Even Kanye West uses them!

There is quite a wealth of experience out there in the successful implementation of pop-up shops and it is likely an endeavour best undertaken by Mount Dennis BIA or Weston’s BIA. We wrote about the idea in 2012 but sadly, nothing happened.

We still think it’s a great idea.

Over to you Bob Caplan and Masum Hossein.

2 thoughts on “Pop-up shops. Still a good idea for Weston / Mount Dennis.”

  1. I agree. I used to live near Coxwell and Danforth, and pop-ups have completely changed the retail landscape in that area for the better. But the area already had a lot of foot traffic due to being on the subway line, and many empty store fronts. The issue in Weston seems not to be empty shops so much as shitty ones. I guess junk shops and cheque-cashing joints are more lucrative to landlords than a temporary and rent-free pop-up.

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