Pot shop a bad neighbour

California Cannabis, the marijuana dealer at 1608 Weston Road has been a bad neighbour, according to CityTV. The customers are “swarming through the neighbourhood”, “urinating in public”, and “doing drugs in a nearby park”, according to a resident.

The shop has been raided four times, but has always reopened. After the latest raid, the sign was taken down, but it was recently reinstalled, and neighbours are speculating that the shop will reopen yet again.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Pot shop a bad neighbour”

  1. Weston has more to worry about than a pot shop. Crack and heavy drug dealers abound and everyone is turning a blind eye.

    1. Hmmm..

      Not sure what we’re supposed to think or feel about their plight of being raided 4 times.

      “Bummer, man.”

      And, those classy clients that support their establishment with no sense of shame or dignity – quite likely, flaunting their herb of choice in a thick cloud of pride.

      But, my gut says, “Please, go self-medicate somewhere else when you’re feeling a little bit blue.”

      (Now, this is the type of investment & “gentrification” that’s concerning in struggling neighbourhoods like our own – right beside those payday loan shops.)

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