Premier to Metrolinx: Open UPX to commuters.

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After waiting quietly for months while Metrolinx timidly adjusted the metaphorical deck chairs, according to the Toronto Star, Premier Kathleen Wynne has put her foot down and put all options on the table for the much unused, unpopular and unaffordable UP Express. Metrolinx has dithered for months half-heartedly making minor promotions and adjustments to increase ridership, all the while plaintively bleating that surging numbers are just around the corner. Adam certainly put paid to those notions recently but they still didn’t get the hint. Now that the Ontario Government is scouring the bushes for fresh revenue streams, the Premier seems to be thinking that it just makes sense to have hundreds of passengers paying a low fare rather than a handful at the current obscene tariffs.

For years, WestonWeb readers and writers have warned that a high price would mean low ridership. As far back as 2012, the Auditor General warned that the airport trains would be a money pit.

Let’s hope that Bruce McCuaig and his management team can hold their noses and arrive at a decent price for the trains and enable Weston (which needs a whole lot of help) to take full advantage of this resource for all the people; not just the wealthy (who declined to use it anyway). This will be a true all-day service for commuters and might take pressure off the roads as well as the TTC and make Weston an even more desirable place to live.

2 thoughts on “Premier to Metrolinx: Open UPX to commuters.”

  1. This is great news and seems like momentum and pressure are building for the UPX to become an option for commuters to get down town (or even to Bloor) without paying an outrageous price. Even if the train does not officially become a part of the TTC as a downtown relief line (as it should be), a lower price would serve to connect Weston and the area to downtown and to the area around the Bloor Go/UPX station. There is hope!

  2. I
    I used the line once and loved everything except the price. I hope it can become more affordable (lots more affordable). I can’t manage regular TTC on my own so it has been taxis and rides from friends. So I don’t get downtown.

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