Pretty building to be demolished

The developers of the Satin Finish site are asking for permission to demolish one the most 8 Oak buildingremarkable buildings in Weston, the two-storey office building at 8 Oak. The application will go before community council on January 17.

City staff recommend that the demolition be allowed, either with or without beautification agreements.

Your correspondent is boggled. The building was built in 1922, and is, to my eye, quite lovely.

Here’s a better idea than demolition.

The office is on the edge of the property;  surely new construction could go around it. This older building could be used for community recreation (editing suite? dance studio?) after it was redeployed as a showroom for the development.

We would win. They would too. Using it as the showroom would demonstrate that the planners are sympathetic to Weston’s industrial history and our pride in architecture.

I bet that it’s also a lovely space. Imagine a space with wide plank flooring (a nod to the site), oak beams (a hat tip to the location) and some beautiful old bikes hanging from the window lintels (a wink to the town and city). It would be lovely.

Let me sit on a stool at a brushed steel bar and have an espresso, look leisurely at some watches or old tools under glass, and I’d buy whatever they’re selling.

But you know that’s not going to happen. They’ll demolish it.

Doing so will show that they are tone-deaf OMB litigants rather than community partners. They’ll fight the same fight they’ve fought before, spending on fees what could have gone to something beautiful. Everyone will lose.

Should you wish to express your own opinions about the site’s potential, the planners have an email address and phone number, as does Frances Nunziata.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Pretty building to be demolished”

  1. Adam weston has both a heritage conservation group and a historical society….where are they on this matter? why no mention of them? where is the so called pelmo swanek association?

    1. The Weston Heritage Conservation District and Historical Society have both spoken out at the various meetings and have written letters regarding this property. We continue to follow it and work with the various City officials to ensure the best possible outcome – and rest assured that the Councillor’s office has been working on it for quite some time. Sadly, the owner cares nothing for preserving the building or incorporating it into his plans.

      Also, it would be helpful if people actually wrote to Preservation Services at City Hall or called … instead of sitting at the computer and being in an echo chamber. The more bodies that actually show concern, like at the various community meetings or at the Jan 17th Community Council, the better. The powers that be need to hear your concern as well as ours.

      1. You keep saying to rest assured and doing everything possible, but the results have not been reassuring. Contacting Our Councillor results in a reassuring phone call, and no action.
        This is not an echo chamber but a genuine forum, which the BIA and the Councillor should take seriously. Having been part of the many many bodies showing up to all the Metrolinx meetings, and yet helpless, I can’t feel confident about the process when private interests are involved.

        1. You hit the nail on the head: private interests. The various groups have voiced their concerns over 2 years, the Councillor has rejected the project and her staff are working on stuff behind the scenes. I’m not sure why you feel there is no ‘action’. Things don’t happen immediately in a bureaucracy and sometimes you just have to have the patience and have some faith that there is stuff happening that you might not be privy to – I don’t see everything either. Whether the outcome on this is to our liking is yet to be seen. It’s not over yet. And the owner of Satin Finish is reachable – he’s in his office daily. Call him directly to voice your concerns. He won’t listen most likely but at least you have tried.

          I can’t speak for the BIA as I am not a Board member at this time. I am sure they see the various comments but in my experience, as is evident here, when you aren’t believed when you try to explain or comment, then why bother? And I certainly cannot speak for the Councillor although I have spoken with her office a few times already this week on this very topic, so I know they are working on it. I can only give you the information I have and the experience I have in working on various projects including UPX which has taken up 13 years of my life personally.

          I have been just as frustrated and discouraged on various projects throughout the last 20 years of being full active in the community. There have been many bad decisions made going back to the 1960 which I would be happy to crap all over because they do affect where I live and have a business.

          And anytime people want to have a real conversation with real names and faces, I am easy to find. I find it really disconcerting to speak with anonymous voices. As for my echo chamber comment, I regularly see the same handful of people responding and making negative comments. Have a good evening.

  2. This is my second attempt at posting this so I apologize if it shows up twice…

    While we do not typically respond to these comments, we do read them all and I would like everyone to rest assured that at Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC), Councillor Nunziata will be asking that the application be REFUSED and that Heritage Preservation Services report back to EYCC on whether this building warrants preservation.

    We have raised the issue regarding the potential for heritage significance with Heritage Preservation Services, as well as the City Planner who is involved with the planning application (and Ontario Municipal Board appeal) for this site. Heritage Preservation Services indicated that they do not believe the building warrants protection; however, the Councillor wants them to do a thorough review before we start demolishing buildings that could have heritage significance.

    I encourage everyone who posted here, and those who have not posted but are also concerned, to submit your comments in writing to EYCC in advance of the meeting on January 17th so that Members will hear your position on the proposed demolition of the building first-hand. You can do so by sending an email to [email protected] (please reference agenda item EY19.13) or by clicking on the button “submit comments” found at the top of the page at the following link:

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