Priority Neighbourhood funding facing cuts at worst possible time

The recent Scarborough shooting comes on the wake of announcements that millions of dollars of funding for community programs in Toronto will be cut. Weston, one of 13 priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, receives some of that funding, as does Malvern, a community near the recent horrific shooting.

The Star ran a long report about the drying funding, saying

Kids are picking up basketballs instead of guns and community hubs are built or planned in eight of the neighbourhoods….

But a large chunk of the strategy’s initial funding for programs and infrastructure — some $85 million — came in the form of one-time cash injections that will dry up over the next year. No new pots of money have come down the pipe.


Premier McGuinty has offered to extend the funding, but Rob Ford appeared to be not interested, telling CP24,  “The best social program is a job. Kids are going to be working until 10 or 11 at night, they’re not going be running around, shooting at each other…. Just handing out money, in these mentoring programs… I don’t really believe that handing out free money is the solution.” Last week, Ford voted against every single social program. He was the only person to vote against them.

Last night, a man was shot and killed at the Eglinton Flats recreation centre in Mount Dennis; Clayton Wright, 42, was murdered after playing in a weekly soccer game. He had no gang affiliations, according to police.

Mike Sullivan, MP, responded to the shooting in an email, saying “this latest shocking incident of gun violence in our city reminds us all that we must deepen our resolve and redouble our efforts to work together, at all levels of government, to bring an end to this kind of violence.”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.