Privacy commissioner supports Westonian

Police should not be leaking information about the suicide attempts of Ontario residents, Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian says. The issue was brought up by a Weston resident’s attempt to travel to the US, and it drew international attention.

Last year Ellen Richardson was not allowed to enter the United States. Homeland Security said that she was a threat to herself or others, despite the fact that Richardson is a paraplegic middle-aged woman. The US had got ahold of her police records, which say that she had attempted suicide years ago, and they disqualified her from entering on those grounds. She missed the cruise she was hoping to take.

Now, Ann Cavoukian says that suicide threats or attempts should not be shared with US authorities unless they involve a threat to others or involve police violence.

Mike Sullivan has asked the federal government to act on the Privacy Commissioner’s report.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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