Proposed cuts to Weston services revealed

The City Manager has issued his review and has recommended cuts to Toronto services to balance the budget deficit. Among the possible cuts that might affect Westonians:

  • Elimination of the neighbourhood improvement fund that reduces graffiti, funds murals, and employs young people in Weston
  • Grants to the Weston BIA
  • Closure of some branches of the library system
  • A reduced number of police officers
  • Additional fares or reduced service on the 352 and 313 late-night busses and service reductions on the 59 Maple Leaf bus
  • Reduced snow clearing and reduced grass cutting in parks
At this point, details are sparse, and little has been decided. The City Manager report distilled an external audit down to a manageable number of recommendations, which will, if your humble correspondent understands the process correctly, be further debated at City Council among other places.

Councillor Nunziata will be holding a  public meeting to hear residents’ input on  Thursday, September 15, at the York Civic Centre: 2700 Eglinton Ave. West. The meeting will begin at 7 pm.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Proposed cuts to Weston services revealed”

  1. How is it that the Weston Village BIA is the only one on this list? Out of over 70 BIA’s? How did we get to be SOOO special that we have been singled out?

    You can kiss some of the few great events in Weston goodbye if we get chopped. Possibly the Santa Claus Parade …?

    If that happens, we know who to thank! Not the merchants who toil sometimes 12 hours per day on their feet to keep their stores open and for barely minimum wage… you gotta love the politicians who think that small independent business owners are ‘gravy’! Maybe they prefer empty storefronts and crime-ridden business districts with no BIAs to suck on the teat of the municipality!

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