Province can do what it likes? Perhaps not.

So, who knew that provincial agencies have some kind of ‘diplomatic immunity’ in the City of Toronto? Who knew that they only obey city bylaws as a courtesy? On that basis, presumably workers can safely ignore parking and other regulations in addition to cheerfully dispensing mud everywhere for Metrolinx.

Phrasing this as politely as possible; Horse Puckey!

Private companies are doing the work and as such they are surely required to obey the by-laws in the jurisdiction where they operate, no matter who employs them. How Ms Nunziata was fobbed off with the old ‘we can do what we like’ nonsense is beyond comprehension. Besides, Metrolinx doesn’t want or need any more negative publicity. Surely some sharp words and righteous indignation from the councillor could have brought them to heel regardless of who can do what and where.

3 thoughts on “Province can do what it likes? Perhaps not.”

  1. Thank you Roy; I was thinking the same thing — since when does the citizen of another jurisdiction not have to follow the law of the land? Hold them responsible for what they’re doing to the area where we live.

    This is city responsibility, and what we have city councillors for. Action — get the police ticketing those speeding trucks, get the city fining Metrolinx for fouling the neighbourhood streets and air, and get some safety for pedestrians along Weston Rd and Rosemount.

    This is not a new problem — we’ve had dirt and lack of pedestrian safety and traffic fouled up for over a year — but the situation has escalated enormously. We need our councillor to use some of her clout on our behalf, not tell us to be grateful that Metrolinx is managing to give us a bit of sweeping.

  2. We’ve been logging noise complaints with the city when the constructions begins before 7am and goes past 7pm. They are currently driving some machine down there at 10:30pm that is rumbling and beeping while my kids try and sleep. This needs to stop.

    We’ve put up with having the construction in our backyard for a year now, but with the dirt and extended hours our patience has run out. If someone is doing work in the city they have to follow the bylaws, otherwise what’s the point. If Metrolinx gets away with it now, just image what they’ll do when the LRT lines start getting built all over the city.

  3. Hi can anyone provide an update of what happenned at the two meetings? The one held a the MP office and the second one held with the nunziata and laura? Just curious as to why two separate meetings were held as oppose to one? Did residents complain? What action is being taken? Does Metrolinx even care……?

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