Province nixes texting ban for street walkers.

Councillor Frances Nunziata’s questionable motion (see Adam’s article) to request a change to the Highway Traffic Act was quickly given the bum’s rush by Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca. Officials at the Ontario Government must find such motions trying (but probably not as trying as the City’s transportation flip-flops over the past few years). Minister Del Duca correctly pointed out that City Council has the power to pass by-laws; something the good councillor may have overlooked in the zeal to take the issue to a higher level.

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Ms Nunziata’s motion passed by a startling 26 votes to 15 and one can only surmise that during the vote, many councillors were texting and weren’t paying close attention. Council motions and votes these days are as unpredictable and logical as tossing a coin; although citizens can be assured that whenever a council motion is passed, it may well:

  • fly in the face of common sense,
  • appease a vested interest and
  • demonstrate the bizarre thinking powers of its proponents

I believe a proposal to license pedestrians may be coming up soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. You may be laughing, but she is an excellent Councillor and yes, she does respond (Reply) to all your messages.

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