Province screws up Weston vaccine locations on websiteCOVI9-19, COVID, Covid 19, COVID19

The province’s website is incorrectly directing Westonians to a distant Etobicoke pharmacy as it begins the first stages of public vaccination.

Ontario will start vaccinating people between 60 and 64 this week (skipping people between 65 and 79, because the approved AstraZeneca vaccine has not been tested on that group).

But while the website has an entry for Weston, the only pharmacy listed there is actually in Etobicoke and is more than 5 km away from Weston.

The Toronto entry does, however, have several Weston pharmacies within walking distance. Using the “Search By Postal Code” function pulls them up.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Province screws up Weston vaccine locations on websiteCOVI9-19, COVID, Covid 19, COVID19”

  1. I guess that’s what happens when an historic village straddles a river that has two slightly different communities surrounding that main area named: Weston, City of York, York and of course, Etobicoke on the West Bank.

    And, how ‘bout those varied riding names & wards, over the years.

    Could the bureaucrats possibly come up with a few more variations for this postal station or code?

    Poor ol’ village doesn’t stand a chance, getting no respect from those living elsewhere wanting to rename it, when the spirit moves them.

    No wonder the governing party is getting tripped up with yet another bump in the road on it’s way to the drug store.

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