Purdy Cr probably won’t get speed humps

City staff are recommending against installing speed humps on Purdy Crescent. The traffic on the street, which runs from Rosemount to Oak near the Crossroads plaza, does not go fast enough, staff say.

Purdy meets all the other criteria, including volume, grade, and design, and enough community members agree with the proposal. Nonetheless, the fastest 15% of cars go only 4 km/h (and up) over the speed limit. The city says that the fastest 15% of traffic must be speeding at least 10 km/h over the limit.

To your humble correspondent, this seems like a simple confusion. 40 is a like a high speed limit on a short residential street with a sharp bend. People going 44 are going too fast, even if they are only barely over the nominal limit.

The matter will be considered one more time, at Community Council, on September 11.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Purdy Cr probably won’t get speed humps”

  1. I’d like to see speed humps on Rosemount, and this doesn’t give me much hope. If the residents want them and most of the criteria is met, then they should get them.

    The moral of the story then is if there are speed measuring devices on your street , make sure you drive over them at 10 km/h over the limit to make sure you hit the target.

  2. Speed humps is a complete waste of taxpayers money. I drive along Purdy all the time, and I don’t believe speed is an issue. Whats an issue is the cars parking at the corner on Purdy at Queenslea.

  3. If the residents are experiencing the traffic increase + speeding, and we know that both will continue as long as the construction on Weston Rd keeps everything jammed up there, they should have whatever protection speed humps provide as they’ve requested.

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