Put your money where your mouth is?

Dear reader, I need you. Would you support this enterprise of mine? Would you give me $25?

In the survey, readers said they would like a local student to write for WestonWeb.

So now, dear reader, please help me pay for one. I would like to pay $20 per post, and I would like to have 6 months worth of posts saved up for in advance, so I don’t have to lay someone off–I don’t have the heart. That means I would like to raise a total of $520.

One very kind reader has already donated $50. I’ll put in another $50. That leaves $420. That sounds like a lot. But, I have faith.

Every month, WestonWeb gets about 2000 visits (not bad!). Of those, let’s say 10% are regular readers: 200. Of those, perhaps 10% can afford a small donation. That leaves 20.

I think.

So, if you’re one of those 20 good women and men, would you give me $25?

Here’s what I will offer in return:

  • I will use your money to hire a student. I won’t use it for anything else. The ongoing expenses for this site are my problem, and mine alone.
  • If you would like your name or initials to appear beside one of the student’s posts, for each $25 you put in, I’ll put a byline saying something like: “This post was sponsored by so-and-so.” Or perhaps you would like “This post goes out to…”. Or whatever. (But you have to be a you not an it. No corporations allowed.)

I know you’ll have to trust me to not abscond with your money. What can I do but promise that I won’t? I’ve put my name and reputation on the site. My address is below.

If you’re in:
I’ll also accept cheques  to
Adam Norman
115 King St,
Weston, ON M9N1L6
PS. If we don’t raise all the money, I’ll support a student for as long as we can.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.