Questions For Federal Candidates – Election is on Monday, 2nd May 2011.

Before submitting these questions to our major Federal Election candidates, Weston Web invites readers to add their own through the comments facility of this article. These will be added to the list and presented to candidates on Wednesday, April 13. Responses from candidates will be published as they are received.

The candidates are (in alphabetical order):

Sonny Day – Green

Jilian Saweczko – Conservative

Mike Sullivan – NDP

Alan Tonks – Liberal


1. What has been your biggest contribution to the York South Weston community?

2. If your party forms the next government, what will you do to help your constituency?

3. If your party does not form the next government, what will you do to help your constituency?

4. What are the three biggest obstacles facing York South Weston in 2011?

5. What can you and your party do to overcome these obstacles?

6. Does York South Weston receive a fair share of Federal money in your opinion?

7. Do you live in York South Weston? If not, why not?

8. In what ways has Alan Tonks performed well as our MP?

9. In what ways could Alan Tonks have performed better as our MP?

10. What has the current federal government done for York South Weston?

11. What has the current government failed to do for York South Weston?

12. What makes you the best person for the job of our MP?

4 thoughts on “Questions For Federal Candidates – Election is on Monday, 2nd May 2011.”

  1. Good questions I would like to add why Alan Tonks votes against his party most of the time such as same-sex marriage does he believe in the Charter? Is really a Libs or Cons!?

  2. Time for change….thats for sure. I hope people vote for the individual that has fought over the last number of years to make a difference in his community.

  3. what will our elected MP do to help increase the federal transfer payments to the province which fund our health care? what has our current MP done with regards to this issue?

    what will our elected MP do to ensure that health care services & delivery to the citizens of weston will increase in quality & speed? both now at the understaffed church site and when the super hospital at keele & the 401 is built and the church site closes its emergency department as a result?

    which candidates live within weston? and therefore are affected by current policies & will be affected by future policies which they may influence as a member of parliament? in short, which candidates have a direct personal stake in the welfare of weston because they primarily reside in weston?

  4. I agreed its time for a change. Alan Tonks has been 10yrs as MP I don’t see anything positive from him over the years. It was Chretien govt. that brought that air-link plan in the first place. I like to know why even as former mayor & Metro chairman he has never a senior cabinet post in past Libs govts? Art Eggleton even held a cabinet post.

    I’m not fan of NDP under Layton but this election Im voting for the person instead. I agree Mike Sullivan has been a good community activist & speaker. I don’t think this riding will make a difference in choice who leads parliament. I just think this riding needs some badly needed attention. We haven’t been getting that for 10 years with Tonks as MP.

    I just wanted to ask to question candiates do think the riding boundaries should change? Like move the eastern boundary to Jane Street?

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