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InsideToronto has the cool story of Mellina Orr, a young woman helping her community and bootstrapping her own non-profit.

Mellina Orr has always had a passion for helping youth and other residents in her neighbourhood: Weston.

“Even when I was younger, my friends used to come to me for help and advice and I used to help them,” she told The York Guardian.  “I find joy in doing so.”

The UPX struck a pedestrian in Weston on Thursday—though quite how this could be possible is a mystery given the fences and walls surrounding the tracks. The man was struck just east of the station.

It’s the second time someone has been struck in Weston.

There were two shootings in the Weston area last week. Two boys were

Firearm violence in WMD
Firearm violence in WMD

shot near Jane Lawrence at a pool. Another young man was shot at Sheridan Mall. Weston and Mount Dennis have had little firearm violence so far this year.

The Alia N Tanjay at the Crossroads Plaza has closed, joining HomeSense Home Outfitters, the Asian Market, and some smaller retailers.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. The retailers that have closed at the crossroads plaza, no one has occupied the spaces. They remain empty, and unfortunately make the plaza look sad, and pityful

  2. Home Outfitters closed. There was no Home Sense store at Crossroads Plaza. Looks like the Haircutting shop closed too. There are a large number of vacant stores, maybe as many as 1/4 are empty. Maybe more stores and cafes will come to the plaza when they redevelop the surrounding area.

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