Rattan’s bad economics

I don’t know much, but I know this: if you want to do something about climate change, the best and cheapest option is a carbon tax. You might not like it, but it’s true. There’s nothing better. A carbon tax  works.

So it made me sad to see Jasveen Rattan, our Conservative candidate, say  “Climate change is a real, global problem that will require decisive action at the federal level. It is time for Canada to act as a real leader and bring forward new, innovative solutions.” (My emphasis.)

The Conservatives’ platform is bizarrely Marxist. They propose “emissions standards for major emitters”. They want to manage industries and set standards and targets,  like Soviet commissars did. If they want this to work (which I doubt) it will be much more expensive than a tax.

It’s a far better idea to let the market figure out how to avoid pollution or pay for it. It’s sad that the free-market, fiscally-prudent Conservatives can’t figure that out.

The Liberals created a carbon tax, and there is no reason for a new solution. Taxes let the free market come up with efficient solutions to a negative externality. They cannot be improved upon—it’s a mathematical fact.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Rattan’s bad economics”

  1. I disagree, I like to keep my home warm in the winter, not hot but warm. With the carbon tax that may be impossible for those of us on fixed income!

    1. The carbon tax is refunded to every Canadian. So if you use less than the average Canadian, you’ll receive more than you spent. The average increase for a household’s heating costs will be $94 over a year, or about $8 a month.

  2. A carbon tax is just another tax! It doesn’t change behaviour or push for newer tech, which is what we need. Otherwise we just end up doing what the Liberals do, by using 2 airplanes and simply justifying the action and buying carbon offsets.

    Well, why don’t we alter and improve the incorrect behaviour. A free market doesn’t hold accountability.

    1. Do you turn prime rib into hamburgers? Of course not. That would be expensive. Raising the price of things encourages people to use less of those things. That’s why carbon taxes are so good. If you really need to use carbon, you will. If you could get by without it, you’ll use less of it. Taxes are brilliant that way.

  3. Maybe if the governments stopped spraying chemicals in our skies we’d breathe easier. Climate change is a hoax.

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