Readers, who do you patronize?

Weston / Mount Dennis are communities that are on the upswing after going through some rough times in the past couple of decades. New businesses like Supercoffee and Perfect Blend have opened up while a few of the old ones like Wards and P&Ms have survived and are thriving. We’re wondering if you, dear readers, know of a local business that is worthy of a mention. It could be a store, restaurant or a service but one that makes you glad you live here.

Please mention that local business you patronize in the comments section. If we haven’t already, we’ll try and write a feature story on them.


5 thoughts on “Readers, who do you patronize?”

  1. Victory Credit Union is a hidden gem, now in the plaza behind Tim Horton’s on Lawrence.

    1. Yes, I use them myself; they provide very personal and friendly service. It’s not like dealing with a bank at all but rather with friends.

  2. There are three business I patronize 1- Victory Community Credit Union – behind Tim Horton – great friendly service – honest advice 2- Zeal Burgers best in Weston 3- Eggs smart a great breakfast treat

    1. I’ve never tried Eggssmart but it’s great that they have confidence enough in Weston to open a franchise here.

  3. EGGSMART is a super place to have breakfast, their weekday $5.99 special will fill you up and their friendly service will put a smile on your face. We like them “sunnyside up”.

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