Ontario Fresh – Seasonal Food in August

August offers the best of both worlds – a mix of summery fruits and the first tastes of the Fall harvest to come.  Peaches are awesome, pears and grapes start to show up and leeks add great flavour to homemade soups.

Look our for the following in Saturday’s Farmers’ Market and/or in your grocer’s produce aisle.

  • Apples (fresh, but not until mid to late month), Apricots (fresh), Artichokes, Asian Veggies
  • Beans, green & wax (fresh), Beets (fresh, with or without greens), Blueberries (fresh), Broccoli (fresh)
  • Cabbage (fresh), Cantelope (fresh), Carrots (fresh), Cauliflower (fresh), Celery (fresh), Chard (fresh), Corn (fresh), Cucumber (fresh field)
  • Eggplant (fresh)
  • Garlic (fresh), Grapes (fresh)
  • Kale (fresh), Kohlrabi (fresh)
  • Leeks (fresh), Lettuce (fresh)
  • Muskmelon (fresh)
  • Nectarines (fresh)
  • Onions (fresh; sometims sold with the greens.  Also storage type start ot appear)
  • Peaches (fresh), Pears (fresh), Peas (fresh), Peppers (field, fresh), Plums, yellow (fresh), Plums, purple (fresh),Potatoes (fresh)
  • Radiccio (fresh), Rapini (fresh), Raspberries (fresh), Rutabaga (fresh)
  • Shallots, Spinach (fresh; scarce as it prefers cooler weather), Strawberries (fresh, day-neutral varieties)
  • Tomatoes (fresh field), Tomatillos (fresh), Turnips (fresh)
  • Watermelon (fresh)
  • Zucchini/Other summer squash (fresh)