Register for your COVID vaccine: but hurry!

This vaccine rollout is becoming inhumane. It’s like trying to beat the bots and buy concert tickets online—but instead of missing Taylor Swift, you might die.

No pressure.

I don’t blame West Park for this—it’s clearly a failure at the highest levels—but at noon today, they will be releasing a tranche of vaccines for residents of the northwest, including Weston.

As a model of how else this could be managed, have a look at the Shoppers Drug Mart process. You answer a bunch of questions, tell them where you live, and they call you when it’s your turn. I’m not saying this is the best model—it’s not, because there should have been one central, easy-to-use, multi-lingual, accessible registry. But there isn’t.

Update: their website has crashed.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Register for your COVID vaccine: but hurry!”

  1. It’s crazy..why is Humber hospital offering pzfier or modonea to jane & finch postal codes not Weston (M9N)? Right now I hear helicopters over flying over, probably Cp24 reporting “big lineups again at Downsview clinic!” The other day they offer AZ to M9N but they had no lineups! Then they offer to the whole city cause of no demand. My cousin who lives UK had no problem..the NHS called her told it was her time and gave her a time and place to get it . No problems. We really screw in Ontario.

  2. I was on westpark site said wait 5min…from there it went to 1 hour wait two hours three…for hour wait….after 45 mons the wait time dwindled to point that there were no more spots…..makes no sense.

  3. I just found out M9N people could book at city for Dixon Rd clinic but over 50! I went there for my mom and it was flawness operation..perfect. I wanted to go there but I am like one year less than 50.

    They could place a clinic at Weston Lions Arena also. It’s a crazy system & very confusing.

  4. I registered at Shoppers, a few local pharmacies and Costco pharmacy, and I got an appointment last week for the AZ (40+ category). Had to go to Mississauga for it, but better to go for a bit of a drive and get vaccinated than sit around here and wait for vaccine supply that will never match the demand of the area. It’s sad.

  5. They finally allow 45+ in M9N to book at city clinic at Dixon RD today. I just got my appointment. I give credit when it due to Ontario govt. the only thing they are getting right is their booking website. It was very easy no problems.

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