Remembrance day ceremonies tomorrow

papaver_hybridum_inflorescenseA Remembrance Day ceremony will be held at the York Civic Centre, starting at 10:45.

Another will be held at 3 pm, at Westlake Memorial Park, which is named in honour of the brothers from Mount Dennis who died fighting in World War Two. A lane will be renamed in their honour.

Dan Harris says that there is not an official ceremony at the Little Avenue cenotaph, but people generally come to pay their respects.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Remembrance day ceremonies tomorrow”

  1. What Mr. Harris tells you about Little Ave. Memorial Park’s cenotaph gathering is true, especially since the monument was repaired & rededicated in 2009 with the help of many area residents who made up the so called, LAMP committee.

    The monument was deemed a piece of architectural art and was apparently the first monument in the Toronto area (in need of repair) to be refaced.

    Every community around the world seems to proudly have such a site, and so does Weston.

    Oddly each year, it seems that there are a few local residents (20-30) and sometimes, first responder types (police, firefighters & EMS) who suddenly appear just before 11am to quietly pay their respects to those Canadians who served in conflicts around the world, including those who have tried to bring order to chaos, as peace keepers.

    Most often, someone has the presence of mind to bring a portable radio to the gathering which helps connect the group to a service elsewhere, often in Ottawa.

    And then, just as quickly as people appeared for about 10 min., they leave their poppies and then disappear, returning the park to it’s peaceful autumn glory.

    I suppose, it’s a way of showing the spirits from Weston’s past that they’re not forgotten for their attempts of building & growing a once proud and good community.

    It’s only too bad that more folks – especially the younger – can’t find a moment to quietly visit the park to learn more about the place they call home.

    Weston deserves better.
    Perhaps one day.

    (p.s. Oh, and not one elected rep ever in sight. Not significant enough, I guess.)

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