Report from the John St bridge committee

Mark Dos Reis sends the following note along from the John St bridge committee, which is meeting with Metrolinx to help design the pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

John St Pedestrian Bridge Committee Update

As a member of the Community Advisory Committee, we’ve been asked to share the Committee’s work with the Weston community.  The Committee will be meeting on a monthly basis for the rest of this year and have specific milestones throughout the year in relation to the design and final recommendation of the John St. Bridge.

The first meeting took place on Thursday January 20.  The Committee consists of various members of the Weston Community as well as our elected representatives from the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.  Laura Alabanese and Alan Tonks were in attendance for this meeting, as well as a representative from Frances Nunziatta’s office (she was unable to attend this meeting due to the City’s budget planning meetings, but will be there for the rest of the meetings).  In total there were about 25-30 residents and politicians in attendance representing the neighbourhood.

The mandate of the committee is as follows:

  1. Recommend the content for a design brief for the John St. Bridge
  2. Review of initial design concepts for the bridge (10 in total)
  3. Shortlist the concepts to three which will be shared with the community
  4. Review the results of the community vote
  5. Recommend one design project for Metrolix to implement

Important milestones in 2011 include the finalizing of the design brief in April, the election of the 3 design concepts in July, and the final decision recommendation in October/November.  Its important to note that this committee will only be delivering a recommendation and the final decision on the design of the bridge will ultimately be made by GO and Metrolinx.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.