Resident of In Touch retirement home dies

Last month, the In Touch retirement home in Weston was exposed as a dreadful, understaffed, filthy and dangerous place in an undercover investigation by the Toronto Star. The Star now reports that a resident who featured prominently in its reporting has died.

The man had been known only as “Sam” to protect his identity. His real name was Christos Atahasiou. He died on October 31, of pneumonia.

A health care source told the Star that Athanasiou developed pneumonia at In Touch, because “he was always cold” and died on October 31, after his relatives took him to the hospital.

At his funeral in Scarborough last Wednesday, Athanasiou’s nephew said he smoked most of his life and simply died, as old men do.

Brazao, who lived with Athanasiou for a week, said “he was a sweet, sweet man.” Athanasiou frequently tried to open doors and leave. “Help me, I want to go home,” he said the day Brazao left the west end Toronto residence.

Thanks to the reader who sent me the link.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.