Residents’ group plans flooding lawsuit

A Mount Dennis residents’ group is planning a lawsuit against the city and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. An organizer says that they are suing based on the city’s mismanagement of the storm sewer system.

The group is now looking for members and people who have legal or technical expertise. If you want to be a part, drop me a line, and I’ll forward your information along.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Residents’ group plans flooding lawsuit”

  1. I live at 66 Hilldale RD & had 6 feet of water in my basement, during/after the flood of July 8th, 2013. I happen to live in the basement & I rent the upstairs so I lost everything !!

    Insurance only paid out a minimal amount because this was my third sewer backup – it was a sewer backup first & then it became a flood.

    It has cost me $50,000 plus to get it back to its pre-flood state… I had to re-finance my house ! I had to a lot of the work myself & had to move in with my sister for 10 months while I was working on the house. I lost my car as well because it was in the driveway which turned into a lake.

    Now 2-3 weeks ago (I think around the 22nd of June), the sewer backed up again but the $12,000 in plumbing repairs & upgrades I had to do saved me from flooding that time.. But many of my neighbours were hit again with up to 4 feet of water – this is just not livable ..

    The water made it past my back flow valve which seems to be no longer functioning, even though I give it regular maintenance…

    It went up through the main drain & was promptly pumped out by my sewage pump that I had installed. It pumps it out & through the backyard & off of the property to the city land behind my backyard.

    Had the power gone out, my house would have been a right off & the insurance company has cancelled all water coverage like everyone on the street. So now I need to come up with $10,000 to install a natural gas power backup system because if there is no power there is no pump, & I cannot be home all the time to use a portable generator.. But what happens then if the sewage pump malfunctions, so then after that I need to build in redundancy by installing another sewage pump as a backup to the only primary pump..

    Then if we get severe “Lake Flooding”, then obviously no pump will do; like what happened on July 8th, 2013. I cannot afford to move because I am renting the upstairs & it is that rent that enables me to afford to live there.

    I was wondering if anyone was doing a class action or if I should get my own lawyer ?

    Michael Peak
    66 Hilldale RD
    York (Toronto), ON
    M6N 3Y2

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