Restaurant report

Real Thai On, the new Thai restaurant on Jane, got off to a very bad start, breaking the law in addition to earning itself a yellow card.

When it was inspected by Toronto Public Health on January 30, the restaurant had violated the Municipal Code: nobody with a food handler’s certificate was working, and the license was not clearly posted.

In addition, and more worryingly, Real Thai On was given a yellow card for not providing handwashing supplies, not ensuring food safety, and not keeping hazardous foods cold. That last one is a rarely-seen “Crucial” infraction.

Leisureworld Caregiving Centre down the street was also given a yellow card for handwashing supplies.


Poon’s Express on Weston Road added flavour by fermenting dangerous food at temperatures above 4ºC, a yellow-cardable offense. It also pulled in tickets for not washing up or using utensils to keep patrons safe.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.