Retirement home ordered to close (again)

The Star reports that the In Touch retirement home, in the beautiful mansion at the corner of Rosemount and King, has been ordered to close. Again. This time, though, they really mean it. The owner, Elaine Lindo, has been ordered to close the home by today.

In Touch has been a disaster for years. The Star exposed abuse and neglect there in 2010, and the case led to reforms of the retirement home industry. In Touch (now called Rosemount Place) was denied a license. The first, and only, prosecution the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority has brought was against In Touch.

The RHRA says that In Touch abused residents and recruited homeless people in exchange for their pensions. One resident, they say, slept in the hall, on a loveseat. At least one resident went missing.

In Touch, the RHRA says, also provided medication illegally, had untrained staff, and offered care for residents with dementia when it was not equipped to do so, among other serious infractions.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.