Rob Ford votes against Best of Weston Festival

Rob Ford was the only person on City Council to vote against city funding for community festivals—including the annual Best of Weston festival, which will be held on August 21.

Council was considering a committee report on which festivals to support across the city. The Best of Weston festival was the only celebration to be approved in our ward. It received $4000, though it had asked for $4,500.

Only Rob Ford voted against funding the festivals; even the most penny-pinching councillors and Rob’s brother, Doug Ford, voted to support them.

Rob Ford received 60% of the vote in Ward 11 in last year’s election.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Rob Ford votes against Best of Weston Festival”

  1. It’s becoming more likely that I made a mistake supporting Ford in. I think my profile was ban from his Facebook page from making comments. Just cause I made a few comments disagreeing with this ideas. He’s more of the typical ideologue it’s his way or the highway. Hudak, Harris same thing. Mind you it’s same on the “left” side too, Miller for example.

    But that report about cutting firefighters if that happens that’s’ the last straw for me. Same for Frances too. I never supported her but she’s needs some good competition in the next election too.

  2. I just want to add I have to give credit with Miller as he actually responded to my arguments on twitter with him. He was also on TV talks shows on Rogers TV and CP24. Even Lastman had his own talk show on Rogers when he was Mayor of North York & Toronto. Ford nothing. It’s seems he has no guts. Even his stupidity how he handled the Pride parade was way over the top. A politician who answers and argues with their critics especially on the local level gets high marks with me.. Ford zero!

  3. The best analogy that seems to suit the Ford crisis is – [modified from the movie – I Am Legend] imagine a virus is a car driven by a bad man – now if you take that car and make a cop the driver – imagine the good that comes from that.
    buckle up people – 3.5 years left of reckless driving.

  4. What is interesting about Mel’s second comment is that when he was just a Councillor, Ford had no problem going onto AM640 every Thursday at 8:15am to rail against the ‘gravy train’. Now that he is on the other side of the pitchfork, he uses his brother as his voice most of the time. If we had to vote a Ford in (which I was not a party to), too bad it wasn’t Doug that ran for Mayor — he might have been a little more palatable for some of us.

    And just an FYI — the Fords were presented with a realistic and doable idea for making the Air Rail Link currently being built wrong, an electrified system with multiple stops along the way that would have brought prosperity to every community it stopped in. It was the perfect solution to their desire for a subway — no messing with cars as it’s on its own right-of-way, is already being built but with diesel (they actually supported electrification for the record) and would have given transit starved communities, read all of north-west Toronto, a good head start in fixing a 30 year old problem. What did they do? Went to McGuinty and got the Eglinton LRT underground all the way instead of leaving it alone and working on other starved areas like ours. Shame…. talk about a ‘gravy train’… they sold out many other communities so that part of Eglinton would have to see an LRT.

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